Mothpod 197 – Justified

This week at Indiana’s Indie Music Source

When things start with the Emmy nominated theme song to the FX television series Justified, you know that you’re in for a wild ride. Sizzling up the cover this week is Alexis Foxe. Tracks in this episode include the Mothpod debuts of Automatic Loveletter, Annie Fitzgerald, Candy Rose, The Debbie Miller, and more! We’re just three episodes away from the milestone 200th episode of The Mothpod so tune in and turn it up!

Featured Music

  1. Gangstagrass featuring T.O.N.E-z – Long Hard Times To Come
  2. Automatic Loveletter – Heart Song
  3. Westland – Weak And Shallow
  4. Stormy Strong – Sail Away
  5. Annie Fitzgerald – Watch The World Go By
  6. Candy Rose – Stop Talking
  7. Alexis Foxe (On Cover) – Down The Drain
  8. The Debbie Miller – Tippy Toe
  9. Stonehoney – Two Years Down
  10. Michael Behm – Bad To Good To Great
  11. Tracy Bonham – Devil’s Got Your Boyfriend
  12. Glass Halo – Underground

All this and much more awaits on Mothpod 197 – Justified, brought to you by Angie’s List!  Just for being a Moth Maniac, you can also get 25% off your membership to Angie’s List when you subscribe at!

Turn it up and enjoy!

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