Mothpod 219 – I’m Flying!

This week at The Indie Music Source

Allen Sale falls back to earth after flying in electronic darkness for several weeks. In his wildly deranged grasp, he holds several Mothpod exclusives and/or songs personally picked by him as well as the opening track to the upcoming film Dark Worlds: Slasher (donation link). So if you are ready to engage in Mortal Kombat, be infected by the Pandemic, and have your mind blown by Stormwinds, don’t be a Day Sleeper! Instead, turn it up and party like a Rockstar Barbie!


  1. Fairuza Balk – Stormwinds
  2. Gangstagrass – Give It Up
  3. Jace Hall – Mortal Kombat
  4. I Have a Bomb! – Take The Shot
  5. Damage Vault – Consequence
  6. Paul Lisak & After The Ice – It Happens All the Time
  7. J-Crush – Rollercoaster Love
  8. Strut – Day Sleeper
  9. Jordan Reyne – Factory Nation
  10. KGB – Rockstar Barbie
  11. 8in8 – One Tiny Thing
  12. Separation Of Sanity – Pandemic

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