Mothpod 229 – Bad Luck

This week at The Indie Music Source

Gday Gday I’m Cybster DJ and there is no need to whine; I’m back to bring you this fantastic episode of MOTHPOD 229. Welcome to the show. Well Mothpod music director Zack has excelled with this lineup tonight, so get some more of it into ya!


  1. Kimberly Cole (On Cover) – Smack You – Reloaded, Feat. Dr. Hollywood (Radio Mix)
  2. Dynasty Electric – Box of Light
  3. Derek Nicoletto – Take Medicine (feat. God-des)
  4. Merlin Moon – Believe (Born Slippy REMIX radio edit)
  5. Katie Herzig – Free My Mind
  6. Green River Ordinance – Different (Anything At All)
  7. James McCartney – I Only Want To Be Alone (Radio Version)
  8. Amanda Lamb – Banish Love
  9. Sick of Sarah – Autograph
  10. Former – Head Light
  11. Laura Jansen – Soljah
  12. Dan Rothery – Regret

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