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KGB – Bang

KGB - Bang

Mothpod 221 – Long Distance

Mothpod 221 - Long Distance

Gday Mothmaniacs it’s time for some fun, You’re with Cybster DJ on MOTHPOD episode 221; Welcome to the show.

As the weather get’s colder here in Brisbane Australia, the indie music heats up getting you all steamed up under the collar; and it’s all thanks to the one and only music director of new media…. Zack “I’m making a movie” Daggy.


KGB – Artist Spotlight

KGB - Artist Spotlight

Party like a Rockstar Barbie with KGB and Zack Daggy on this edition of the Mothpod Artist Spotlight!


Mothpod 219 – I’m Flying!

Mothpod 219 - I'm Flying!

Allen Sale falls back to earth after flying in electronic darkness for several weeks. In his wildly deranged grasp, he holds several Mothpod exclusives and/or songs personally picked by him as well as the opening track to the upcoming film Dark Worlds: Slasher (donation link). So if you are ready to engage in Mortal Kombat, be infected by the Pandemic, and have your mind blown by Stormwinds, don’t be a Day Sleeper! Instead, turn it up and party like a Rockstar Barbie!


Mothpod 217 – Scary Movies

Mothpod 217 - Scary Movies

Your friendly new media Mothman is back behind the mic for Mothpod 217! On this episode returning artists Casey Desmond, Lelia Broussard, Sheri Miller and Kim DiVine each stop by with their latest singles, friend of Geoff Smith, Justin Nault makes his Mothpod debut and 13-year-old Sir Castanon (on the cover) will have you hanging by the chandelier! Tune in & turn it up!