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This week at The Indie Music Source

Dwight is back with even more great indie music for his 6th go on The Mothpod! Featuring music by Laura Hill, Rythem Child, Chaser Eight and more!


Zack Daggy’s Novel Dark Worlds: Project 31

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The Mothpod is produced by Zack Daggy, and edited & hosted by Dwight Dunlop. Narration provided by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff. Mothpod theme music by Red Friday and Geoff Smith.

All music featured on The Mothpod is played by permission of the artists, bands, managers, publicists and labels. All rights reserved.

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  1. Chaser Eight says:

    Thanks for featuring us on the show!

  2. […] song, Zombie Lover, was recently featured on this Mothpod podcast edited and hosted by Dwight Dunlop and Zack Daggy. Thanks Dwight and […]

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